Viticulture & Oenology

The Viticulture and Oenology Unit was re-established in 2002 and has since been functioning within the Agricultural Services & Rural Development Division.

A new Wine Act has been enacted in parliament on the 23 October 2001. The primary aim of this Act is to provide a sound foundation for the development of the wine industry in Malta. The new Wine Act will upgrade the wine industry to levels of standards currently enjoyed in Europe and supported by the International Office of the Vine and Wine (OIV).

The new Wine Act with its subsequent regulations will provide, amongst others, for the:

  • Control of practices and processes used in the production of wine;
  • Labelling of wines;
  • Establishment of an inventory of the wine potential of Malta;
  • Rules on the production of quality wine produced in a specific region


With the aim of increasing the land under vine to 1000ha and improving the quality of the grapes grown advisory services are being offered by this unit in viticulture.

Assistance is also being offered in the field of wine (oenology) to producers.

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