Ta' Qali Markets

The Pitkali Markets Centre is the place where local grown fruit and vegetables are deposited by our farmers and sold to licensed hawkers through middlemen. This Centre is mainly intended to help farmers obtain the best possible prices for their produce, having them sold by auction.

The complex consists of three large sheds, a crate washing station, a producer organization (Gomriza) and an Administration Block. Two of these sheds accommodate seventeen stalls, each one known as ‘pitkalija’ and is administered by private ‘pitkali’ (middlemen) whilst the third shed is administered by the Farmers Centralised Co-Op Society. Services to the farmers are supplied by civil servants situated at the administrative block, who collect and process data on produce entering the market.

The Pitkali Marketing Centre is open Monday through Friday, Monday and Thursday being the busiest days of the week.

The Marketing of Agricultural Produce Regulations falling under subsidiary legislations 117.04, 117.20 control the role of the Pitkali Centre.



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